Intern Update: Gisele Ndifor

Gisele Ndifor

Financial Markets & Economic Analysis, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

State Street Corporation - Insurance Shared Services Intern

My internship at State Street Corporation was a great experience. It allowed me to learn a lot about the financial industry. During my internship, I was privileged to work with the Insurance Shared Service Team. Working with this team helped me to better understand what I would like to do after graduation with my degree.  

In my role as an intern, I was given the responsibility of an associate I employee. I oversaw various projects and daily tasks such as pricing three different funds and expanding my knowledge with Excel by working on projects that needed Excel and running several macros. I received training for four weeks, which was completed online and in-person. Some of the challenges I faced throughout my internship included getting comfortable around teammates, which I was able to overcome by greeting everyone each time I walked into the office. In order to improve the interactions among interns, the internship coordinators organized great activities like speaking to the vice presidents of the other teams and volunteering with other interns. Through these activities, I was able to grow my networking amongst staff and interns. 

Compared to my initial expectations, I was very impressed with my experience at State Street Corporation. During this internship, I was able to grow my network, improve my administrative skills and most importantly, learn more about the insurance side of the financial industry.