Intern Update: Dillon Garcia Cuddigan

Dillon Garcia Cuddigan

Accounting, College of Business, Influence, and Informational Analysis

Creative Planning - Tax Intern

At Creative Planning I have gained the knowledge of what a tax accountant does every day. I am met with new challenges everyday on different individual returns. One moment I could be buried in international taxes and the next could be a corporate return for a small business. It has been a great experience and has given me valuable insight into the world of tax.

This internship has been very eye opening to the world of tax. During busy season, I began working a minimum of 60 hours per week. Because of the large number of taxes that the firm does, interns are expected to be in high-gear and get returns done as fast as possible, while not missing any important information. Busy season is definitely a make or break for interns thinking about tax as a career. After doing so many returns, I am feeling very confident in my work and have seen my feedback indicate that I am doing well. When I receive feedback, I always make sure to go to the reviewer and ask them what I can do better next time so that I can learn from my mistakes.