Intern Update: Daniela Lopez Romero

Daniela Lopez Romero

Business Management, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

MCK Brands - Georgina Herrera - Director of Operations

My internship is unique that I get to look at beautiful creations every day. During the time up until the end of March, I was working on small projects here and there. I spent most of my time reorganizing the showroom and ensuring that Shopify was running smoothly. Shopify is an e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.

In addition to maintaining the jewelry collection in the showroom, I also inventory Lola's bag line. Most of the line just has to be organized by color and I even got the opportunity to help select the new summer colors that the line will feature. Lola's bags will launch the summer colors this May as well as have a launch for a new website for just the bags. Georgina kept me apprised of this update to our online store and we made sure that the inventory of Lola’s bags that was on Georgina’s current website was correctly transferred to the new website’s Shopify.

Kansas City Fashion Week was the week of March 24th. A perk as an intern and an influencer (on the side) was that I could collaborate with her to wear one of her runway pieces to a show that I was covering as an influencer/blogger. I have added a picture for you. I got to wear her new necklace and matching bracelet. She also lent me a small black Lola’s bag to show off as well. We actually sold this piece afterward.