Intern Update: Connor Berry

Intern, Connor Berry, working at his desk

Connor Berry

Analytics and Technology, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

NorthPoint Development -- Data Intern

My name is Connor Berry, and I am a senior at Rockhurst University this year, studying applied mathematics and data science. This semester I was lucky enough to receive an opportunity at NorthPoint Development as an intern in their data department. During my time at NorthPoint, I have performed quite a bit of analysis using programs such as python, tableau, and esri. If I could give any advice to students who are seeking an internship, I would say that my biggest piece of advice is to take risks and be prepared to learn. Coming into my position at NorthPoint, I felt prepared and there were projects that I have worked on that were easy to complete. However, I have developed my skills much more while working on projects that have been challenging, as they utilized skills that I needed to develop. For example, I felt confident in my python abilities while coming to NorthPoint, and because of that, I have taken on a few python projects that were more advanced than what I ever had done in a classroom. Therefore, I have developed my coding skills significantly, and I feel more skilled than ever in my field and am excited to see how I can continue to develop these skills.