Intern Update: Catherine Rometti

Catherine Rometti

Analytics & Technology, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

FanThreeSixty - Data Science Intern

As a Data Science Intern at FanThreeSixty my day consists of both meetings and individual work time. Every morning we have our daily “stand up” meeting which is where each team gets together and discusses what they accomplished yesterday and what they plan on working on today. After this meeting, the rest of my day is either me meeting with coworkers to figure out what they want me to accomplish or it’s me working individually on my own project. Here at FanThreeSixty, the working environment is very open and inviting. Everyone is around to help anyone who needs it. Teamwork is a very important aspect of our culture. That was one major challenge for me when I first started working here. I struggled to admit that I didn’t know how to do something, and I was afraid to ask for help or advice. I quickly learned that here at FanThreeSixty, everyone is willing to help.

Some advice about having an internship is that you should never feel afraid to ask questions. When you’re hired for a certain position you are not expected to know everything. I learned very quickly that it’s better to ask questions then to sit there and struggle alone. All of my coworkers are happy to answer my questions and that has allowed me to continue to learn throughout these past 2 months so far. It is very important to be honest with your boss about what you know and what you don’t know. In an interview, don't be afraid to say that you don’t know how to do something. It’s better to be honest now then to have your employer find out later that you don’t know what you’re doing. Also, when you get an internship it’s very important to build relationships with the people around you. I got my second internship because of a relationship I made at my previous job!