Intern Update: Brent Gilchrist

Intern, Brent Gilchrist

Brent Gilchrist

Analytics and Technology, College fo Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

Moonshot Innovations -- Business Intelligence Intern

My name is Brent Gilchrist and I am a business intelligence intern at Moonshot Innovations. I help the business intelligence team with a variety of tasks including data visualization, robotic process automation, data mining, clustering, and data cleaning. The advice I would give to people looking for an internship is to be patient and do not stress if you do not get an internship shortly after starting to apply places. It took me several months and many rejections to start hearing back from companies, and I was stressed that I would not get an internship. Thankfully, everything came together in the end, and looking back, I was never in that much danger of missing out. As long as you start applying early and are persistent in sending out applications, you will be fine. One thing I have learned to look for in a company is culture because a company that encourages a culture of collaboration and growth will help you get the most out of an internship. Analytics is a deep field with many different opportunities, so finding a place that will help you learn and explore is the most important part of any internship.