Intern Update: Anna Williams

Anna Williams

Analytics & Technology, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

YRC Worldwide - Financial Analyst Intern

My internship at YRC Worldwide prepares me to interact with future employees in the professional world. Here I am working on sending out purchase orders to YRCW vendors. 

I am loving my new big space at my job at YRC Freight. Having an office with a door is very nice and much more private. It is quieter so it is easier to focus and be trained. My work load continues to grow as Melody and Jana continue to have more trust that I can do the work right and quickly.

We have a new intern named Bryna and it is now my responsibility to train her on what she needs to do. I will start training her on how to do purchase orders, how to assign and unassign employees from software licenses, and how to do PC refreshes. I am a little nervous to do this because I hope I do not leave out any important information she needs to know. I am still very much enjoying going into work the days I do. Jana has offboarded a member of our team leaving the responsibilities on me and Melody. I try to help Melody out as much as possible because I know most days, she has a lot on her plate. She appreciates my help and tells me she will be sad to see me go. They appreciate how hard of a worker I am and that I am precise in my work.

Going to YRC makes me feel great about myself and brings me a big sense of accomplishment. As the work gets more complicated, I am loving what I do even more. It is awesome being a part of a company that makes a big difference in the world. I will be sad to move to a new department in the summer, but I know I can always stop by to see Jana and Melody. The skills in finance communication skills I have learned will be useful to me in my future career. I am excited for my future and know it can only get better form here!