Intern Update: Alondra Ayala

Alondra Ayala

Nonprofit Leadership, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

Spanish, College of Arts and Sciences

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance - Academic Services Intern

Since starting my internship a lot has happened here at the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. I was a part of my second N-week here, which is when our remote staff flies into KC and we hold a lot of meetings, trainings, team building activities, and dinner with everyone outside of the office. I had been fortunate enough to be part of n-week some months back when I first started my internship. During our n-week we were able to go over everything our departments currently have on their plates and really discuss in what direction we’re going in and what we can do, as a team, to be as effective as possible. 

N-week was also a sort of gamechanger this time around because, for our team-building activity, we all took the Kolbe evaluation. The Kolbe evaluation is meant to measure our instinctive way of doing things and the result (called our MO (method of operation)) and is the assessment that measures one's cognitive strengths. I found this evaluation very interesting because it helps us understand how each of us works and will, hopefully, help us better understand how to work with each other. My Kolbe results came out as an 8 fact finder, 6 follow thru, 4 quick start, and 3 implementer. These results weren’t all that surprising to me. These results, to me, just reinforced to me what I’ve realized during my time here and how I work best. I also think being a fact finder, followed up by a follow thru, are the strengths needed while working in the Academic Services department here at the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

As of this point, I have been here at the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance for eight months and have been able to gain a lot of valuable experience. With graduation quickly approaching, I have been trying to figure out what I want to do and if I want to stay in Kansas City or move back to St. Louis. I am happy to say that this internship has turned into a full-time offer that I have eagerly accepted! I am excited to announce that I have been promoted to the Student Services Coordinator here at the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.