Intern Update: Adam Seal

Adam Seal

Analytics & Technology and Applied Mathematics, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

Mariner Wealth Advisors - Operations Intern

My internship at Mariner Wealth Advisors has given me great exposure to analytics in the real world. Whether it is by using a technology like Tableau that I learned in school or my learning a new tool like Alteryx, I have been able to perform useful data analysis for my company. 

This summer I think that I experienced the best of the finance industry during my internship at Mariner Wealth Advisors. Though I do not see my future in the financial sector, my love for analytics and technology has been strengthened by my experience at Mariner and it has been a rewarding adventure. 

Mariner's internship program exceeded my expectations. It was extremely well-run, well-structured, and kept me busy. I was worried that I meet feel like a burden or an afterthought in the office, but I really felt like a valuable part of the team. My goal coming into Mariner was to complete some sort of project that would add value to the company and give me something I could be proud to put on my resume. This internship has given me that opportunity through four different projects - I would say that goal was achieved. My time in operations at Mariner has taught me that analytics is my calling.