How to Spot Fraudulent Job Postings & Employers

There are many jobs that get posted every day to different career search websites. Rockhurst offers our own career posting site called the RU Career Account. These jobs are screened by career services staff to ensure that legitimate employers and jobs are getting posted to the system. Here are some great tips for self-screening positions and employers when you utilize other search engines.

  1. Are there misspellings in the Header or the body of the job posting?
  2. Does the pay seem “too good to be true”?
  3. Does the company website and email match?
  4. If you google the address, does it show up as that business?
  5. Does the website look professional and have valid contact information?
  6. The required GPA is very low or substantially lower than industry standards
  7. The job is open to anyone regardless of work authorization, education level or major
  8. The phone number doesn’t match the area code for the posted position


For these tips and more like them, visit the NACEWeb article on spotting fraudulent postings.