Fairyland artwork from the book Worlds Beyond

No Small Matter: English Professor Finishes 11-year Journey to Write First Book

As a young girl, Laura Forsberg’s father read her Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice,” thoroughly explaining the minutia of the era’s manners and etiquette. Her world of wonder was magnified through literature and now the Rockhurst Associate Professor of English, author, and new mom is providing a similar opportunity to others through her first book, published through the prestigious Yale University Press.

Tulips next to Conway Hall

Former CFO Finds Her Joy, Peace as a Professor

There’s a phrase used in Costa Rica that means pure life: “Pura Vida.” It can mean hello and good-bye, much like “Aloha” in Hawai’i, but it also means being centered in mind, body and spirit.

The phrase meant so much to new Rockhurst University professor and frequent Costa Rica visitor Missy Ling that she had it tattooed on her inner wrist years ago.

Every year Ling traveled to Costa Rica to live “Pura Vida,” but inevitably and understandably returned to her corporate job and reality in Kansas City. She was a Chief Financial Officer in her later days in the business world, so she’d cover up her Pura Vida tattoo with a Band-Aid so it wouldn’t be seen in the boardroom.

Magis Leaders Program teaches students non-academic business skills

Growing Program Prepares Young Professionals with ‘More’

A campus leadership and professional development program is growing exponentially thanks to the competitive advantage it gives Rockhurst University grads entering their careers.

The Magis Leaders Program was created about a decade ago by David Fowler, former managing partner of KPMG, when he observed that RU graduates were capable and skilled but not all knew the ins and outs of professional conduct. A program was designed to teach students success skills not found in the rigors of academic courses and bring community professionals to class as speakers.


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