Code of Conduct

Students running marathon


Rockhurst University sponsors programs, services, and activities that encourage students to develop academically, spiritually, socially, physically, and emotionally. In a partnership among students, faculty, and staff, the University helps to create an educational environment with principles rooted in its Jesuit, Catholic tradition. These principles challenge students to strive for excellence, to become men and women for others, to integrate classroom and experiential learning, to develop talents through discovery and reflection, and to share a common concern with each person. To achieve these ideals, all students are expected to contribute, through their words, actions, and commitments, to the development and sustenance of a community characterized by purpose, openness, justice, discipline, care, and celebration. A student enrolled at Rockhurst University assumes a responsibility to behave in a manner compatible with its educational environment and community principles. See the Student Handbook for behaviors and actions that are incompatible with the institutional mission of Learning, Leadership, and Service in the Jesuit Tradition.

Read more about the Disciplinary Process at Rockhurst or print off Disciplinary Forms for your hearing.

Grant Carlson, Assistant Director

Massman Hall, room 4C