Residence Life Housing Agreement (Students under the age of 18)

By printing this document and signing below I acknowledge I have read and understand the following sections of the Rockhurst University Student Housing Contract Packet.

Please print this webpage and sign on each line acknowledging you have read and understand each of the following contract sections:


Residential Living Requirements:___________________________________________(Signature)



Terms and Conditions:____________________________________________________(Signature)



By my signature, I certify that I have read the University Housing Residence Hall 2019-2020 contract in its entirety and agree to abide by all.



Today's Date:__________________________



Student ID Number: @00_________________



Student Name (Please Print):_______________________________________________



Student Signature:_______________________________________________________(Signature)



Name of Parent or Guardian if applicant is under the age of 18 (Please Print):___________________________________________(Parent/Guardian Name)



Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian:______________________________________(Signature)

Matthew D. Quick, Vice President of Student Development