A. T. Still University - Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine Early Acceptance Program

Rockhurst University Applicant Guidelines

The Still Scholars Early Acceptance Program is designed to provide admission opportunities to outstanding students of Rockhurst University who have as their goal to become Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine. The program is conducted under joint collaboration of Rockhurst University and A.T. Still University’s (ATSU) Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (ATSU‐KCOM).

Under this program, Rockhurst University students apply to ATSU-­KCOM at the end of their sophomore year, or during their fourth semester as a residential Rockhurst University student, and must have been a residential Rockhurst University student for a minimum of three semesters. Students will be awarded reserved conditional admissions to ATSU-­‐KCOM at the beginning of their junior year at Rockhurst University, pending the completion of additional requirements for full admission to medical school. Students must commit to completing their junior and senior year at Rockhurst University earning a BA/BS degree prior to matriculating to ATSU-­KCOM.

The advantage for those students accepted at the end of their sophomore year is to have a reserved seat in ATSU-­KCOM’s entering class upon graduation from Rockhurst University and the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is not required. After acceptance to the program, the student can spend the last two years at Rockhurst University meeting graduation major/minor requirements, taking electives, fulfilling internship and/or service opportunities and otherwise broadening his/her life experiences. Scholars will be awarded a small academic scholarship for A.T. Still University-­Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Program Requirements

Rockhurst University students may enroll in any major, provided the ATSU-­KCOM entry requirements are met by the designated year of enrollment. Rockhurst University students will apply for admissions to this program after completing three semesters (approximately 45 credit hours) as a Rockhurst University student. Applications will be available through the Pre‐Health advisor at Rockhurst University in January of the student’s sophomore year and will be due to the advisor on April 1 (or a date determined reasonable by Rockhurst University). Applications of students selected for nomination by Rockhurst University must be submitted by WC’s faculty designee to ATSU-­KCOM by June 1. Applicants will interview during September of their junior year. Selected students will be awarded reserved, conditional admissions to ATSU‐KCOM at the beginning of the junior year.

Applicant Criteria for Still Scholars Program

  • Minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.40 overall and 3.40 in the sciences

  • 75% of pre-­‐requisite courses completed by the time of initial application, with a B or above required in all pre‐requisite coursework
  • Still Scholars application, official transcripts and letters of recommendation by the specified date
  • Demonstrated commitment to osteopathic medicine
  • Clinical exposure in a healthcare environment (~50 hours recommended)
  • Involvement in extra-­curricular activities

Application Process

  • Submit Still Scholars application and materials to the A.T. Still University-­Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine Admissions Office by the specified date.
  • Applicant must forward a minimum of three letters of evaluation, one each from:
    • A science faculty member or advisor of the student’s academic program
    • An advisor of a student organization or community organization
    • A physician who has seen then in a working or volunteer position within a clinical setting
  • Complete the specific academic degree plan, as required for degree completion, for the remaining two years at Rockhurst University

Initial Still Scholars Program Selection Criteria

Selection committee will evaluate the top students using the following criteria:

  • Fulfillment of all undergraduate academic and course requirements at Rockhurst University
  • Commitment to osteopathic medicine
  • Community service/leadership positions held
  • Successful in-­‐person initial interviews with the ATSU-­KCOM admissions faculty and staff

Still Scholars Participant Criteria

  • Maintain a minimum 3.4 overall and science GPA (B or above required in all pre-­‐requisite coursework)
  • Continue to gain significant clinical experience/exposure (minimum 100 hours)
  • Continue to gain community service/leadership experience
  • Demonstrate continued commitment to osteopathic medicine
  • Actively participate in ATSU-­KCOM Still Scholars activities and events
  • Complete required coursework at Rockhurst University
  • Earn BA/BS degree from Rockhurst University
  • Maintain up-­to-­date contact information with ATSU Admissions Office
  • Successfully participate in an in-­‐person interview for full medical school acceptance in an ATSU-­‐KCOM final pre-­matriculation review
  • Maintain full‐time enrollment until graduation at Rockhurst University.
  • Complete AACOMAS application by July 1 prior to senior year
  • Complete ATSU­‐KCOM secondary application by August 1 prior to senior year
  • Successfully complete prerequisite coursework at undergraduate institution
  • If student chooses to take the MCAT (though they are exempt, if a Still Scholar), they must score a 24 or higher to remain in this program. Students who score a 23 or less may submit their application as a regular applicant to medical school.

Participant Opportunities

  • Still Scholars Book/Article Review Online Forum
  • Shadowing Experience
  • Competitive Applications and Professionalism Webinars
  • Alumni Ambassador Shadowing Experience

All prescribed courses in the baccalaureate program of the applicants’ choice must be taken at Rockhurst University. Any deviation from the required courses at Rockhurst University requires written approval from ATSU Admissions. Participants must complete Rockhurst University’s graduation requirements within one year prior of matriculating to ATSU-­KCOM. A.T. Still University’s Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine reserves the right, at any time, to reject a student deemed unsuitable for the program. In addition, acceptance will be withdrawn if application is made to another medical/osteopathic school, if student fails to follow participation criteria, if academic, ethical, or moral violation occurs, or if a personal change in career choice is made.