DPT/MBA and DPT/MA Overview

Students enrolled in Rockhurst’s DPT program may complete a joint degree program in conjunction with the Helzberg School of Management.  Rockhurst is one of only a few Universities in the U.S. to provide students with this very unique opportunity, which will enhance the graduate’s ability to assume administrative, supervisory, and leadership roles in health care.

The Helzberg School of Management offers two degree programs, a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master’s of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MA).  Both programs are taken concurrently during a student’s DPT studies and include a concentration in Health Care Management. Both offer ample flexibility in timing of enrollment and structuring class schedules, helping to meet each student’s academic and personal needs and preferences.

The length of time to complete the dual degree program is dependent upon multiple factors, including the business degree selected and the student’s previous education.


Students enrolled in the DPT/MBA or DPT/MA program complete the DPT curriculum as outlined.  The curricular structure for the MBA and MA degree programs can be customized to meet the student’s individual needs and preferences.  Further information on the MBA and MA curricula can be found on the Helzberg School of Management website.