ASPIRE Students
ASPIRE (Athlete Sports Performance and Injury Reduction Education) is a PT Department interactive community outreach program promoting injury prevention to youth athletes. Injury prevention exercises can be incorporated into regular team practices, and successful implementation can significantly decrease injury rates. The students perform outreach on an as-requested basis to area soccer teams based on the FIFA 11+ injury prevention programming.

Our mission and vision


To empower youth athletes to prevent injuries in sport.


The vision of ASPIRE is to engage youth athletes in underserved communities to reduce injury rates by providing athletes, parents, and coaches with education on proper exercise prevention methods. ASPIRE will help minimize sports injuries, encourage proper strength training techniques, and promote a life-long relationship to a safe, active lifestyle.


Contemplation in Action: ASPIRE is committed to creating leaders out of all individuals. We use our knowledge and skills to empower others to promote a safe culture in sport.
Cura personalis: ASPIRE is dedicated to serving those who would otherwise have no resource for current exercise, injury prevention, and skills. All athletes deserve to reach their greatest potential.

Wisdom: ASPIRE strives to install principles of exercise and injury prevention in all youth athletes that they may build a life-long relationship with an active lifestyle.

Magis: ASPIRE is diligent in educating youth athletes, coaches, and parents on the most current research demonstrating effectiveness in youth sports injury prevention.

Reflection and Discernment: Strive for Greatness

Finding the good in all.