Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates with an Occupational Therapy major will:

OT Program Goal 1: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the profession’s history and distinct value which supports an understanding of occupations across the lifespan, population groups, and cultural contexts.

OT Program Goal 2: Students will apply and integrate occupation-based theories in a variety of practice areas to affect meaningful client outcomes.

OT Program Goal 3: Students will assess the individual's ability to participate in occupations as they are mediated by client factors, performance skills, performance patterns, contexts, and environment.

OT Program Goal 4: Students will use knowledge and evidence to select and implement occupational performance intervention plans considering culture and contexts.

OT Program Goal 5: Students will demonstrate professional reasoning and collaboration with beneficiaries in traditional and emerging practices.

OT Program Goal 6: Students will apply leadership and management skills to individuals, groups, and organizations.

OT Program Goal 7: Students will identify, analyze, and synthesize research evidence for application in occupational therapy practice.

OT Program Goal 8: Students will apply ethical principles to promote inclusion, participation, safety, and wellbeing for all beneficiaries of service.

OT Program Goal 9: Students will engage in a lifelong process of learning, leadership, and service.