Occupational Therapy Testimonials

Rockhurst students share a distinguished legacy of academic excellence that leads to a promising future as an occupational therapist. We believe our students, employers, and fieldwork educators say it best:

"OT students from Rockhurst University have far better communication and hands on skills with patients than students from other universities." - owner of an outpatient clinic and employer of Rockhurst graduates, 2011

"The greatest part about the OT program at Rockhurst University are the teachers; their classes are not easy and they make you work hard, but every single one of them will drop what they are doing to help you anyway they can" - Danae Koopman, Class of 2011

"Rockhurst University provided me with extensive training and knowledge in all facets of occupational therapy. Faculty at Rockhurst not only instruct the skills and ethics of occupational therapy, they also develop leaders. My time at Rockhurst was the most pivotal experience in my professional life." - Brian Mills, Class of 2000

"I feel the Rockhurst OT department is not only fostering learning, but also developing leadership skills and instilling a spirit of service in each student." - Teryn Ebert, Class of 2009

"I am currently on my Level II fieldwork. I just wanted to let you know the things we learned are coming in VERY handy. I appreciate all the work we had to do." - OT Student, Class of 2012

Rockhurst OT Students: 

  • Always exceed the national average pass rate on board examinations
  • Learn to lead in departmental and university committees
  • Influence healthcare policy
  • Work as teaching and research assistants
  • Form strategic partnerships with faculty, administration and community
  • Benefit from a low student-teacher ratio
  • Collaborate with other health science students
  • Participate in local and international service trips
  • Contribute to the University's reputation for excellence