Kaitlin Doyle is an occupational therapist in Grain Valley, Missouri

OT-MBA Grad Thrives in Career by Turning Opportunities into Action

Some students go to college undecided on a major, and that’s just fine. Others, like 2016 Rockhurst graduate Kaitlin Doyle, know exactly what they want to do.

Doyle’s mother grew up as a child of a deaf adult (CODA) and Kaitlin had an uncle who had cerebral palsy and spent a lot of time in therapy. She saw how her grandparents took care of him and guided him through everyday tasks.

That sparked her interest in the field of occupational therapy.

Jack Alsbach works with Camryn Keaton in the Learning Center

Students Use Teaching in Learning Center to Propel Careers in Education

The student support network at Rockhurst is strong and is made stronger by student leaders who serve as tutors or student instructors in the Learning Center.

The service isn’t just for the student receiving the extra instruction, however. Many tutors and SI’s go on to pursue careers in education – several deciding on this direction or a new direction after working in the Learning Center.


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