Festival of Student Achievement Celebrates Student Accomplishments

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
A group of students accepting awards

Like most spring campus traditions, the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the awards ceremony at this year’s Festival of Student Achievement, typically a one-day showcase of the work done by students in the realms of leadership and academic research, could not take place in a full auditorium of supportive peers.

But the honorees deserve recognition nonetheless for their work, and so Rockhurst University put together a video to honor the students who have distinguished themselves.

“While the Festival of Student Achievement will be taking place virtually this year, there is still lots to celebrate — lots to celebrate in terms of the accomplishments of our students, along with their companions, the faculty and staff,” he said.

See the full list of honorees, as well as a list of research projects and a video of the awards ceremony, here.

Honorees at this year’s Festival of Student Achievement:

Student Development Awards

Outstanding Support for Diversity
Student Organization of Latinos

Outstanding Community Service
Jermal Perkins

Outstanding Student Organization
Delta Sigma Pi

Rising Star Award
Theta Phi Alpha

Living the Mission Living the Mission Emerging Student Leader Award
J. T. Cornelius and Bri’Yana Merrill

Living the Mission Advanced Student Leaders Award
Nicole Floistad and Carmen Macias

Outstanding Student Leader
Brandt Callahan, Will Martel and Caroline Adams

Hawk of the Year
Jansen Rouillard

Staff Member of the Year
Susan Janet

Faculty Member of the Year
Laura Forsberg, Ph.D

Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year
Joanna Cielocha, Ph.D.

Academic Awards

Outstanding Senior in French Award                                              
Abra Miller

Excellence in French Award
John Sweetman

American Society of the French Academic Palms Summer Scholarship for Study Aboard
Julia Bloss

American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry Outstanding Senior Award
Vincent Galate

American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry       
Chloe Wessel

American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry                                                           
Daniel Kohl

American Chemical Society Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award                                           
Jacob Langerot

Reva R. Servoss Chemistry Prize                      
Moriah Davis, Hannah Nelligan, Lilian Odom, Jessica Peters, Margaret Witt 

Edward Kos Award for Academic Achievement in Cell and Molecular Biology                                              
Logan Tarter  

Marshall Andersen Award for Academic Achievement in Macrobiology
Mary Strecker

Barbara Wynne Outstanding Biology Student Award
Meg Dionisi, Emily Duff

Hugh Owens Prize in History                      
Margaret Gerard

Father Aloysius Breen, S.J. English Award                          
Lily Buehler

Charles M. Kovich Dramatist Award      
Stuart Hilton (posthumously)

Michael D. O'Connor Psychology Medal               
Katherine Mathes

Rossner Philosophy Medal                             
Andrew Burnside

Scrivener Medal                                                        
Emma Martinez

Ignatian Student Teaching Award                             
Todd Patrick Preston, Elizabeth Kathleen Gregg

Arrupe Service Learning Award     
Jason Eberly, Kathryn Eilerman, Janelle Dempsey

School of Education Magis Leadership Award
Lucia Brancato, Darya Hadjian, Petyon Wydick

Robin Bowen Award for Leadership                        
Emily Renna

Jane Rues Service Recognition                                             
Alexandra Goossen, Leah Guensche, Emma Kelly, Rachel Landon, Hanna Larson, Nicolette Lynch, Garret Anne Nevins, Kaitlin Petersen, Abigail Walsh

Megan Lynn Barnett Memorial Scholarship
Megan Parks

Lampe-Loescher Award                                                        
Paige Valaika

Donna J. Calvert Award for Outstanding Professionalism and Communication
Lauren Cairo

Ellen Spake Award for Outstanding Leadership         
Logan Taylor

Rues Family Scholarship                                           
Kaitlin Petersen

Teresa Hastings LaManno Scholarship                                                                                       
Molly Root

Communication Sciences and Disorders SWELLS Awards
For Learning
Laura Knox, Alex Wilburn

For Leadership
Morgen Smith and Mary Charlotte Meredith

For Service 
Hannah O’Rear and Curtis Chapman

Mary Jane Youngstrom Occupational Therapy Centennial Award                          
Sarah Harig

Physics Medal
Samson Truong, Mai Vu

Catherine Thompson Service Award
Patty Pampolina

Jean Hiebert Award for Outstanding Academic Performance
Matt Burton, Monica Hacker

Dowling Oratory Medalist                             
Maddie Gramlich

Robert W. Miller Speech Award           
Kat Dolan

William A Luby Mathematics Medal
Mackenzie Richards, Amanda Gulley

Deans Highest Honors 
Mackenzie Richards, Evan Bolton

Undergraduate Award for Distinguished Leadership                          
Caitlin Ricker, Madeline Shriver

Undergraduate Award for Superior Service
Rachel Larberg, Alexis Sims

Delta Sigma Pi Key Award           
Martina Mussacchio

Deans Award for Academic Achievement
Mary Koeller, Jenna Coon

Service to the Greater Society Award
Audrey Byerley

Barbara A Clemence Award 
Lauren Roberts

Leadership Excellence Award
Shannon McLaughlin

Excellence in Nursing Award
Jenna Coon, Dylan Dykstra

William V. Longmoor Award
Jared Hager