Modern Languages Areas of Study

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Modern Languages Areas of Study

Rockhurst University offers majors in French and Spanish and courses in Japanese, Latin, and at times, ancient Greek. Small classes promote an atmosphere in which individuals are respected and receive personal attention. Close faculty-student interaction culminates for language majors in the presentation of a research project in the target language, called a senior capstone project.

Courses on a variety of topics are offered, such as literature, culture and film, as well as languages for business, health care, etc.. French and Spanish majors complete advanced conversation and composition sequences, an introduction to literature course and many electives. You can tailor your program to fit your chosen profession. Languages combine well with majors in business, marketing, education and global studies, as well as with a journalism minor.

The major in French or Spanish consists of 21 upper-division semester hours of course work. In addition, 12 hours of related course work are required, and a second foreign language is strongly recommended.

The minor consists of 12 upper-division hours of course work after completing FR or SP 2100 and 2150.