Mathematics: Undergraduate Research

"The power of research experiences to help students avoid the many potential stop signs in a scientific education has now lead to a widespread consensus that, from grade school through graduate school, inquiry and investigation are essential to the effective education in science and mathematics”

Steen, L. A., Scholarly Experiences for Undergraduates, Proceedings of the Conference on Summer Undergraduate Mathematics Research Programs, AMS Publications, June 2000.

Rockhurst is committed to a learning-centered education. At the core of this learning-centered education is the student’s development of skills for the discovery of information that transforms into knowledge that can be applied in different contexts. The most immediate expression of this philosophy is the students’ involvement in a research experience where the emphasis is on the process of generating new knowledge.

In the mathematics department, we provide a variety of opportunities for Rockhurst students to become involved in research projects and maximize their learning experience.

To complete a mathematics major, students must fulfill a Math Experiential Learning Requirement, and undergraduate research is one of the ways that this requirement can be satisfied.