Mathematics Degree

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Program Description 

A math degree at Rockhurst University can be as unique an experience as the student working to obtain it. Through a set of courses ranging from theoretical to applied, students will meet professional and graduate school needs for those with a Bachelor of Mathematics. The mathematics program is also committed to providing relevant and practical mathematics courses, preparing students for their future in the field, and answering the question “What can I do with a mathematics degree?” At Rockhurst, you don’t just study mathematics — you’ll soon see that math is fun!

Learning Outcomes 

  • Students earning a math degree will learn in an active and stimulating learning environment, developing math skills through rigorous mathematical thinking as well as authentic problem-solving that will prepare them for an exciting and potentially lucrative future
  • Students seeking a degree in mathematics can expect to receive personalized attention from our world-class faculty through teaching, mentoring and advising
  • Use mathematical arguments to reason, solving real-world problems in novel settings using mathematics
  • Communicate effectively their mathematical understanding in a variety of settings, both orally and in writing

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


  • Math degree students will also take part in meaningful capstone projects, engage in math-related service opportunities, and participate in undergraduate research projects.
  • Dean's Scholar Program: Earn a bachelor's and master's degree in only five years! Learn more about the program here.


What Jobs Can You Get with a Math Degree?

  • There are many career paths open to students graduating with a math degree from Rockhurst, with related industries also expanding
  • There are a multitude of math degree jobs and career options for graduates, including computational biology, software development, data science, business problem-solving through operations research, teaching and theoretical research in applied and pure mathematics, as well as management of risk through both actuarial work and other risk management careers