Magis Leaders Program

Magis - To seek excellence in all aspects of life; to find more purposeful and effective ways to carry out our work every day; to give greater love, care, and compassion to our neighbor. 


The Magis Leaders Program (MLP) provides an opportunity for students to participate in and be rewarded for their achievement in transitioning from life as a student to life as a professional. Under the direction of a distinguished executive professional, completion of the MLP requires attendance at MLP seminars focused on key areas of applied personal and professional development. Students in the MLP benefit from a personal mentor throughout the program. Students stay in touch with their mentors long after graduation.

Admission to the MLP seminar requires a commitment of eight sessions that span the fall and spring semesters. Admission is highly selective and is by application only. Admission will be decided by a selection committee made up of faculty. Entry into the MLP seminar is currently offered once per academic year beginning in the fall semester. The topics are intended for students with diverse backgrounds and professional disciplines who are intent on preparing themselves as potential up and coming leaders as they compete for internships and jobs.

Academic Component

The MLP Coursework invites students to consider their inherent responsibilities in the process of reaching a position of influence (Advanced Level Techniques), and the negative outcomes when that power is used for personal gain at the expense of others. With emphasis on internships and business careers, the course will cover areas such as Resume Enrichment and Quality Experience; Discovering Self (Self-Discovery) and Locus of Control; Personal-Essential Skills (Personal Skills) Critical for Success; Effective Business Interactions; and, Career Limiters in professional life. Each participant will also be responsible for developing a series of written reflections (Reflection/Assessment) that compare and contrast what they have learned inside and outside the seminar. The student will use these reflections to formulate a personal professional development strategy. A syllabus of the course will be distributed to those students admitted to the course.

The MLP is two sequential .5 hour courses starting in the fall and ending in the spring semester. Admission to the MLP program carries with it the understanding that the two courses must be taken sequentially. Registration for MG3021 is in the fall and carries with it pre-registration for MG3202 in the spring. The credits are earned by successful completion of four sessions in the fall (MG3021) and by successful completion of four sessions in the spring (MG3202). The fourth spring class will be the final banquet. The courses cannot be taken individually or out of sequence. Students will apply and pre-register in the spring for the fall course, MG3021. Students will also register in the fall for the spring course MG3202. Each course is valued at .5 credit hour or 1 full credit hour the entire sequence. (This sequence can be used to replace Professional Readiness II MG 3001.)

About the Professor

Ken Mellard is a community leader, leadership trainer, and former business leader who serves as Adjunct Professor in the Helzberg School of Management. Prior to entering the workforce, he received degrees from Rockhurst University and Boston College. During his tenure as a business owner he led healthcare initiatives focused on automating medical services in the Midwest region on behalf of  EDS, Kinetra, Elli Lilly, and Baxter. He also led the companies healthcare consulting team focused on medical practice third party contracting and profit improvement strategies. Prior to owning his own company, he served as President of St. Luke's Health Ventures, a subsidiary of St. Luke's Health Systems. In 2009 he became an Adjunct Faculty member at Rockhurst University and was appointed in 2011 to teach in the Leadership Development Minor. Over his forty-year career, Ken has served on multiple community organization boards eventually chairing fourteen of them. Ken has been appointed to take over the Magis Leaders Program following Dave Fowler's retirement. Dave was the driving force behind the Program, having been involved through its formulation and design. Ken is the lead professor of the program and will be supported by other faculty of the Helzberg School.

Who Can Apply

Sophomores and juniors in the College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis are invited to apply for enrollment in the Magis Leaders Program. To be considered, all applicants are expected to have an overall GPA of 3.0 or above.

Meeting Time: Arranged


Each application must be supported by one reference from a professor, instructor, or university administrator who can attest to the applicant's character, motivation, and/or leadership potential. You will be prompted to provide contact information for your reference as part of the online application.

Application Deadline: March 18, 2019.

FERPA Release Form

The FERPA Release form must be printed, completed and delivered to the Registrar's Office, where a copy will be stamped and dated for you. Deliver that copy to the Rockhurst employee or faculty member from whom you are requesting the recommendation or reference.