Executive MBA Program Benefits

The Helzberg Executive MBA addresses the needs of today’s leaders by combining theory with practical application in an environment of experiential learning. Faculty knowledge and experience in a student-cohort structure delivers transformative learning over a 21-month experience.

Here are the distinct and unique benefits of the Helzberg Executive MBA

Leader Development –The leadership development activities in the Helzberg EMBA are sequenced in a process of Experience-Reflect-Act-Evaluate. This process creates personal and transformational learning and a dynamic leadership experience.  Management theories are integrated with practical skills and knowledge, enabling leaders to thrive in environments of rapid change and complex challenges.  

Lifelong Learning – Executive MBA students can continue taking classes cost free after they complete their EMBA.  This benefit begins with elective options that encourage students to deepen their knowledge in areas of interest. After graduating our EMBA alums can explore fields like data analytics, healthcare leadership, finance, and non-profit management.  Some may choose to earn one of the several certificates offered by the Helzberg School. Lifelong Learning means our students can commit to on-going personal and professional development by continuing to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Jesuit Tradition –Learning is multi-dimensional and involves cognitive knowledge as well as a deep awareness of personal values and  an understanding of the leader’s mindset. A Jesuit education is about academic excellence AND living authentically and responsibly in the contemporary world. Students’ individual experiences foster learning through personal reflection. On-going cohort conversations also encourage a deeper awareness of self and others.

Other important features and benefits

Elective Options – Contemporary leadership requires a variety of new skills.  The Helzberg EMBA offers courses in data analytics, finance, digital marketing, and social media, among others.  EMBA students can now select two elective courses in chosen business areas specific to their needs and interests.

International Residency – Understanding the global business environment and emerging societal trends is critical for managing in a global economy. Global literacy is a fundamental learning outcome of the Helzberg EMBA. A structured, international travel experience offers students an opportunity to experience other cultures and observe global organizations.

12-Month Leadership Core Experience – Accounting, marketing, finance, strategy, and leadership courses are woven into a Leadership Core that comprises the Year 1 curriculum, running August to July.  In this core students will learn essential business skills and knowledge in a cohort where teams work together to study, learn, and create solutions to practical problems.  This one-year cohort experience provides a rich learning platform and prepares them for the second year of applied leadership and management development.

The Rockhurst Network – Since 1980, Rockhurst has graduated nearly 1000 students from its prestigious Executive MBA program.  Add this to the thousands of MBA alumni in the Rockhurst Network and the yield is a rich array of professional connections.