Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates with a DO/MBA will:

Integrate, synthesize, and evaluate different theories of leadership to include:

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Team Building
  3. Improve organizational effectiveness

Diagnose and categorize different ethical situations and propose areas of employee development and organizational change to promote ethical behavior.

Integrate and utilize key concepts from accounting and finance to:

  1. Prepare and interpret basic financial data for a health care entity
  2. Assess and make recommendations relating to a health care entity relating to a healthcare entity’s operating, financing, and investing activities.

Identify, analyze and make recommendations regarding:

  1. Sources and consequences of globalization, especially those that impact healthcare
  2. Causes and consequences of the internationalization of health care
  3. Comparative analyses of national health systems
  4. Cross-Cultural Management Issues

Analyze, interpret and develop market assessments that include:

  1. Competitive Structure and Rivalry
  2. Financial Position
  3. Growth Strategies
  4. External market factors

Effectively communicate ideas, problems and proposals through:

  1. written communication
  2. verbal communication