At Rockhurst University, faculty members are essential to ensure student success. Their tireless dedication to quality teaching standards enables students to reach their full potential in academics and the community.


We are intentional about providing an academic experience that truly changes "the whole person." With smaller class sizes, our expert faculty members are able to connect with students individually.

89 % of full-time faculty hold the highest degree in their field

24 students in an average class

13:1 student-faculty ratio

A theology class at Rockhurst University examines “What is impermanence?” Here, students enrolled in a theology and religious studies course learn another characteristic of what Buddhists believe as part of broader coursework teaching religions of the world.

Latest Faculty News

Child activating a modified toy
For many children, unwrapping presents on Christmas means discovering all order of blinking, beeping, moving things to annoy the adults in the room. However, those with developmental or neurological disabilities can have trouble with the... Learn more
Theater faculty member acting out a scene
As the rest of us spend holiday break catching up with friends or family, curled up with a book or binging TV shows, Matt Schmidli, MFA, assistant professor of theater, will be roaming an apocalyptic... Learn more
Risa Stein in her office with students
It started with a period of uncertainty. After 15 years in the classroom at Rockhurst, Risa Stein, Ph.D., professor of psychology, just wasn’t feeling as inspired as she once was. It was part of a... Learn more
Therapists and children at Ability KC
Through the tunnel. Pick out a hat. Return to the tunnel. Repeat, this time with socks. That was the game – and the challenge — for a group of children participating in summer therapy programs... Learn more

Faculty Kudos

We're proud of our faculty and their accomplishments inside and outside the classroom. Learn more about how Rockhurst faculty members lead others and represent the University through many endeavors.

Dr. Katie Ryan-Bloomer, a Rockhurst University alum and assistant professor of occupational therapy, helps conduct programs for children undergoing constraint-induced movement therapy. Ryan-Bloomer and others at Ability KC work with kids through play therapy and additional occupational activities to help improve the kids’ self-help skills.