Student Success

Success Stories:


Students: Our students pursue their passions in and beyond the classroom, finding ways to share their interests, experiences and skills with others. Check out their full stories by following the links below. 


Veronica Clay, ’19 : Veronica Clay has been passionate about writing poems and spoken word since she was young. The love she had for learning and writing led her to publish her first book, Mile Marker 17, and later to attend Rockhurst.


David Walter, ’20 : An English and secondary education major with a passion for filmmaking, David Walter is one-third of a sibling-run film production agency.


Kori Hines, ’19 : At Rockhurst, Kori Hines is an English and Communications double major with a minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Kori’s passion for helping others, however, expands well beyond the campus of Rockhurst.


Shawn Taylor, ’20 : Shawn Taylor’s love of technology led naturally to videography and to joining the film track of the English major.


Nathaniel Brancato, ’20 : In addition to his passion for literature, Nathaniel Brancato recalls having a keen interest in music since he was young.