Logan Kochendorfer

Assistant Professor of Psychology
College of Arts and Sciences
Van Ackeren 421


Ph.D. Psychological Sciences, Kent State University
M.A. Psychological Sciences, Kent State University
B.A. Psychology, Luther College

Professional Licensures and Certifications 

Rockhurst Online Instructor Certification, Rockhurst University - 2022


Logan B. Kochendorfer, Ph.​D.​, is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, Justice, and Society at Rockhurst University. Dr. Kochendorfer obtained her B.​A.​ from Luther College in 2015, her M.​A.​ from Kent State University in 2018, and her Ph.​D.​ from Kent State University in 2021. She enjoys teaching a variety of courses such as introduction to psychology, developmental psychology, research writing in psychology, and quantitative methods in psychology (behavioral statistics), and looks forward to continuing to expand her repertoire. Dr. Kochendorfer’s research interests focus broadly on how experiences in adolescents’ and emerging adults’ close relationships are linked, and how these close relationship experiences influence various developmental outcomes. She is always happy to include interested undergraduate students in her work and encourages anyone interested in joining her research lab to contact her directly.