Laura Janusik

Laura Janusik
Professor Emerita of Communication
Professor of Communication
College of Business, Influence and Information Analysis

Additional Positions 

McGee Chair of Communication


Ph.D. Communication, University of Maryland at College Park
M.B.A. Business, Rockhurst University
M.A. Speech Communication, University of Maryland at College Park
B.S.E. Secondary Education: Communication Arts, Clarion State College

Professional Licensures and Certifications 

Certified Listening Professional, International Listening Association - 2010


Laura Janusik, Ph.D., is a professor, trainer, researcher, speaker and business consultant. She serves as a professor and the McGee chair of communication. Janusik has won numerous research and teaching awards from different professional and academic associations.

All of her work is supported by the most current research, which she shares and applies in training, coaching and consulting. Her approach to communication, both oral and written, is practical and other-centered, and she considers herself a confidence-giver, as when people understand the rules of social interaction, they become more comfortable with social interaction.

Research interests include pedagogy (teaching and learning), listening cognitions and metacogntions (thinking while listening), intercultural listening, and the contexts of education, healthcare and business.

Janusik is a past president of the International Listening Association and is published both nationally and internationally. Dr. Janusik retired from Rockhurst University with Emeritus designation in the spring of 2019.