Sample Cybersecurity Classes

Below is a select listing of classes you would take in Rockhurst's Cybersecurity program. You can also video the full degree course map in the catalog.

Programming Courses

Programming for Analytics (CS 1000) and Programming II (CS 3050)

Through an initial introductory course and a later more advanced course, you'll learn how to write programs. You'll be introduce to the Python programming language, one of the most popular languages in use today. You'll also gain insight into how software, devices, websites, etc. work and how to interact and manage them and solve business problems.

Database Programming and Design (CS 3100)

Databases are the storage systems for all kinds of business data, and are generally one of the top targets in a cyber attack. This class will teach you how to write Structured Query Language (SQL), the primary language used to interact with databases and how they're designed.

Analytics Courses

Business Intelligence (BIA 2000)

Learn all about the systems commonly in use today. Whether marketing, customer support, supply chain management or a host of other business processes, technology and data are integral to general business operations. 

Statistics & Predictive Analytics (BIA 2200) and Foundations of Data Mining (BIA 3200)

We live in a data-driven world and cybersecurity is no exception. These courses will build a foundation of managing and classifying data, helping to identify digital threats organizations face every day.

Criminal Justice Courses

Introduction to Criminal Justice (CJ 1000) and Criminology (CJ 2000)

Rockhurst's cross-disciplinary approach puts a heavy emphasis on understanding your discipline from multiple perspectives and through many lenses. To excel in cybersecurity, in addition to having the technical skills, you must understand the criminal justice system that will enforce cyber crimes that are commited. Data breaches can involve local law enforcement, the FBI, and Homeland Security. These courses give you an understanding of the criminal justice system procedures and the nature and causes of crime.

Intelligence/Risk Planning Courses

Threat and Risk Assessment (CYBS J2000) and Cyber Threats & Defense (CYBS J4960)

These courses will introduce you to the tools necessary to analyze threats and understand where your organization may be vulnerable. You'll gain skills in examining the systems you have and how to lower potential risks through a combination of technologies and people processes.