Preferred Lender Arrangements

Private, or alternative loans, are funded through a lender.  Students are advised to discuss all options for loans with a member of the Financial Aid Office staff before making a decision. Rockhurst University utilizes a preferred lender list that is reviewed every five years (last updated in 2013). The lenders on our list have continued to participate in the alternative loan program. We do advise students to take advantage of federal loan options first, as Title IV funds may have more favorable terms.

Rockhurst University does not endorse any specific lender. Students can use any lender of their choosing, even if they are not on our list.  Lenders that are on our preferred lender list were chosen because of their dedicated customer service, fair and equitable interest rates and payment options and the ability to electronically transfer funds to make it easier on our students to gain access to their funding.

Our lender list is housed on a third-party platform that allows lenders to make global updates and provides fair exposure for each lender. For example, when you link to our list, lenders are in a different order each time you click the link.

Financial Aid Code of Conduct

If you have any questions or concerns contact the Financial Aid office, 816-501-4600,