Communication & Fine Arts Programs

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The Department of Communication and Fine Arts offers 4 majors and 4 minors.

Communication majors may study in the theory track or media track. Theory track majors complete courses in group dynamics, persuasion, intercultural communication, listening research, and communication theory to name a few.  Media track majors compete courses in journalism, broadcast journalism, editing and design, media theory and other courses.

Business Communication
The Business Communication major is an interdisciplinary major that draws courses from Departments of Communication, English and the Helzberg School of Management.  Students take communication courses, but also courses in marketing, economics, accounting, and Finance, as well as upper division English or Journalism courses in business writing, technological writing, and writing for the marketplace.

Organizational Communication and Leadership
The Organizational Communication and Leadership major is an evening division major designed for working students.  Organizational Communication and Leadership majors take various courses in communication and leadership to improve knowledge of human interaction and to develop skill in leading others in all types and at all levels of organizations.  All courses in the major are offered in the evening.

International Journalism
International Journalism is an interdisciplinary program drawing from coursework in French or Spanish, and journalism. Students in the program prepare for careers not only as journalists, but also as professionals with knowledge and skill to address issues and needs of diverse communities. The department of Modern Languages and Literature can provide more information.

The Journalism minor prepares students for entry into careers in print and electronic journalism.  Students take courses in basic journalism skills such as writing and research, but also course in mass media, advanced journalism, and media theory. Students also have the opportunity to write for the university newspaper, the Rockhurst Sentinel.

The music minor offers a range of courses that provide opportunities for the study of music literature, and various options for the applied study of music performance.  Music Literature courses emphasize an interdisciplinary approach by exploring the effects of literature, visual arts, philosophy, history, and social conditions upon the creation of musical art.  Students may perform in the University Chorus, Chamber Singers, and Women’s Chorale.

The Theatre minor is committed to a broad-based, liberal arts approach that combines knowledge and experiential learning in order to develop the student’s abilities to think creatively, critically, and collaboratively.  Students may take courses in acting, directing, script analysis, and theatre practicum.  The Rockhurst Players present four shows per academic year.

Visual Arts
The Art minor approaches art as an essential way of expressing human experience.  The study of art introduces students to a universal human activity and to a visual language that infuses forms with meaning and affirms our common membership in one human family.  Students may take courses in art history, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and other courses.