Code of Conduct

Emloyee Handbook

As stated in the University’s code of conduct (Section 2 - Employee Conduct, Employee Handbook):


A. General Expectations

Rockhurst University respects the dignity and value of individual students, staff, faculty and visitors. Accordingly, it is expected that every employee show that same respect and concern for others so that all members of the community can achieve their full potential. When Rockhurst has reason to believe that the conduct of any or some members of the community inappropriately prevents or hampers others from performing their work, the University will intercede.

B. Reporting Improper Conduct

If an employee has reason to believe or reasonably suspect that the University or any of its employees or agents is engaged in improper conduct – i.e., violations of laws, regulations or University policies or procedures, or other suspected wrongdoings that come to their attention, including violations of ethical and professional standards – that employee is encouraged to report such conduct, and may do so without fear of reprisal or retaliation. See Whistleblower Protection Policy for options on reporting suspected improper conduct and procedures for handling of report.