Fr. Greg Boyle of Homeboy Industries Headlines St. Louis Leadership Series

The Rev. Greg Boyle, S.J., in the Homebody Industries office
Thursday, November 21, 2024 - 11:30am
Clayton Plaza Hotel

The Rev. Greg Boyle, S.J., founder of Los Angeles' Homeboy Industries, will share how to lead with compassion and love unconditionally as the keynote speaker of Rockhurst University's St. Louis Leadership Series luncheon, scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 11, at the Clayton Plaza Hotel, 7750 Carondelet Ave. in Clayton, Missouri.

Fr. Greg is a remarkable leader whose work has profoundly impacted countless lives through his founding of Homeboy Industries. Established in Los Angeles, Homeboy Industries is now recognized as the largest and most successful gang intervention and rehabilitation program in the world. Fr. Greg's vision and dedication have created a sanctuary of hope, opportunity, and transformation for former gang members.

His approach combines unconditional love with practical support, offering job training, education, therapy, and tattoo removal services. These programs not only help individuals leave behind a life of violence but also provide them with the skills and confidence needed to build a brighter future.

Fr. Greg's leadership is rooted in compassion and a deep sense of purpose. He advocates for a culture of kinship, where everyone is seen as valuable and deserving of love. His message challenges us to live with empathy and recognize the inherent dignity in all people, especially those society often marginalizes.

Through his work, Fr. Greg exemplifies the power of kindness and faith in action. His life and message inspire others to pursue meaningful change in their communities, fostering environments where healing and growth can flourish. His ultimate goal is not just to end gang violence, but to transform society into a place where everyone can thrive, free from judgment and full of possibilities.