Hawks Flock to American Idol Auditions in KC, Looking for a Chance at Stardom

Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Student waiting to try out for American Idol

Many bird species are known for their song — songbirds, of course. And nightingales, sparrows, and thrushes.

But what about hawks? Turns out, there’s a fair amount of song in that species, as well. Last week, as American Idol rolled into Kansas City for open auditions, a number of Rockhurst University students braved long lines for a shot at stardom.

Rockhurst University sophomore Frank Macias said he has been singing his entire life.

The communication major and music and leadership minor came by his talent honestly — he said his parents met in a choir, after all. Macias himself has been belting ever since, in middle school and high school choir, in Mass as part of the University’s choir, in Campus Ministry’s Joyful Noise, or in impromptu residence hall jams with friends.

But, until he saw over the summer that American Idol would be hosting auditions in Kansas City, Macias had never considered doing more than that.

 “I had never auditioned for a singing competition before, so I thought why not?” Macias said.

Macias worked to perfect one song for the audition – Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran.

“For weeks before the audition I made sure to take time out of my day to perform by myself in my room to make sure I knew it inside and out,” he said.

Another student, sophomore criminal justice major Mary Grace Harris, said she came to the audition with her dad, making a day of battling nerves and people watching with the hope of getting an audition. Harris said she started having second thoughts about the song she planned to sing, but gave it her all when the moment came.

“I was the first of the three other girls in my line and just thought to myself, no regrets,” she said. “So I sang as well as I could.”

She might not have made the cut this time, but Harris said the experience was unlike any other.

“I would recommend that anyone who loves to sing do it,” she said.