RU Pandemic Update - April 16

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Rockhurst University Pandemic Update 

April 16 

Rockhurst University Companions, 

As we have begun to settle into the stay-at-home orders and conducting our operations virtually, the crisis management team recognized there was no longer a need for a daily communication but will continue to send updates as needed. Today we have some information and reminders to share. Please don’t be disheartened by the extended stay-at-home order. Your efforts to limit the spread of the virus are crucial to our eventual return to campus, and we thank the entire Rockhurst community for your perseverance and your support. 

Stay-at-home Order Extended 

Mayor Quinton Lucas has extended the stay-at-home order for Kansas City, Missouri, to May 15. As a result, our procedures regarding limited access to campus remain in place. Campus continues to be closed to everyone except essential personnel, who already have been contacted. For non-essential personnel, this basically means that you are able to deliver the core components of your job remotely for at least an interim period of time. Each person’s contributions during this time are especially critical and important. We will evaluate whether we will be able to reopen the campus when the order expires closer to that date. 


The Office of the Provost will announce tomorrow the results of the student survey regarding preferences for a virtual or in-person commencement and provide additional information. As a reminder, the May 16 ceremony at Municipal Auditorium has been postponed. Thank you to all of our graduating students who responded to the survey. 

Summer Course Discounts 

Summer session A courses will all be offered through remote instruction. We know that many of you like to take summer classes to stay on track – or even get ahead – for graduation. Though the end of this spring semester is certainly looking different from what we’re used to, we wanted to ensure that you still had the opportunity to meet your academic goals this summer.  

To support you, we’re offering a large selection of online undergraduate courses this summer, and are offering a $100 discount per credit hour for all undergraduate courses during Summer 2020. This is on top of the already discounted rate for 1000- and 2000-level classes, bringing Summer 2020 rates to $362/credit hour. Our 3000- and 4000-level summer courses will be offered at a similarly discounted $531/credit hour. Registration for summer courses will open on Thursday, April 2. Find more information about our summer classes here. 

One of our key priorities is to support your achievement of academic goals. If you have any questions or concerns about summer classes, registration or online learning please contact your academic advisor. 

Illness Reporting 

  • Students, faculty and staff members are asked to report to the University when you are under investigation for having COVID-19, you are presumed positive with a case of COVID-19, or you have a laboratory confirmed case of COVID-19 (see definitions below). 
  • Person under investigation: Any person who is under investigation for having the virus that causes COVID-19, or who was under investigation but tested negative for the virus. 
  • Presumptive positive case of COVID-19: Anyone who has tested positive for the virus, but testing was conducted at the local or state level. Currently, presumptive positive cases must have a sample undergo confirmatory testing at the CDC. 
  • Laboratory-confirmed case of COVID-19: Anyone who has tested positive for the virus at the CDC laboratory. 
  • Please report your status by sending an email to The University will contact you by phone to learn some additional details about your situation and arrange for follow-up. The intent of this information sharing is twofold: 
  • First, it is our desire to care for our fellow companions during this challenging time. 
  • Second, the University has a desire to take reasonable steps to notify individuals from the Rockhurst community who may have been exposed – and also do a deeper cleaning of any spaces that you may have occupied while infected. 

Our follow-up process with those who might make a report to us has been reviewed, approved, and applauded by the Kansas City Department of Health. Only a limited number of RU staff members will have access to the information that is shared with us on a need-to-know basis – the proper and respectful use of your personal information is important to us. 

Pandemic Information 

  • You can find previous messages, an FAQ and other pandemic-related resources at our coronavirus web page

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