MA in Organizational Leadership Concentrations

Earn your MA in Organizational Leadership from the Helzberg School, while also developing expertise in a specific concentration area. In addition to the required foundation and core curriculum courses, a minimum of 10 credit hours must be completed in in the Organizational Leadership and Development or Health Care Management concentration. The Nonprofit Leadership concentration requires 9 credit hours. 

  • Organizational Leadership and Development
  • Health Care Management
  • Nonprofit Leadership


Organizational Leadership and Development
MG 6275. Developing Leaders in Organizations (2 credit hours)
MG 6001. Spirituality and Values in Leadership (2 credit hours)
MG 6460. Innovation (2 credit hours)
MG 6420. Organizational Development and Consulting (2 credit hours)
MG 6430. Organizational Theory & Design (2 credit hours)

Health Care Management
HC 6150. Health Systems (2 credit hours)
HC 6260. Medical Practice Management (2 credit hours)
HC 6400. Health Information Technology (2 credit hours)
HC 6300. Health Care Policy (2 credit hours)
HC 6350. Quality Improvement in Health Care (2 credit hours)

Nonprofit Leadership
NP 6010. Nonprofit Governance and Executive Leadership (3 credit hours)
NP 6050. Resource Development for Social Impact (3 credit hours)
NP 6090. Program Planning and Evaluation (3 credit hours)
NP 6200. Marketing Communications for Nonprofits in the Digital Age (3 credit hours)
NP 6300. Charitable Giving and Relationship Management Seminar (3 credit hours) 

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