Film Acting Minor

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Film Acting Minor

Program Description 

The film acting minor is committed to a broad-based, liberal arts approach that combines knowledge and experiential learning in order to develop the students’ abilities to think creatively, critically and collaboratively. Students in the film acting minor will have the opportunity to participate in the film production and student film festival each spring.

Prospective Students 

Learning Outcomes 

The Rockhurst department of theatre and film acting provides a one-of-a-kind program where students learn Stanislavski and Meisner acting techniques that translate to honest, natural and believable acting on camera. Students will also learn techniques for commercial, television, voice-over and industrial work. Each spring, students at the school will have the opportunity to act, direct and produce their own films, as well as participate in a professional film production on campus.

Current Students 


Not only will students get to make their own films for the student film festival, but the department produces a full-fledged film each spring. Every summer the department develops a new screenplay specifically tailored to the Rockhurst students. The students then audition for roles and apply for assistant directing and technical positions on the film crew.


  • Program graduates include those who enjoy careers in acting, directing, film production, digital media, academia and design
  • Students who add a minor in film acting to certain degrees open themselves up to career paths such as film, television and industrial work
  • Film acting minors are especially valuable in academic and educational professions
  • The skills gained through a film acting minor can increase hiring desirability in many industries
  • Students who complete a film acting minor will gain an insider's perspective on marketing and advertising
  • Learners gain life and communication skills that translate to everyday life, regardless of one's profession