Rockhurst Hawk Fan Cutouts

Rockhurst Fans

You can still cheer the Hawks on from Mason-Halpin Fieldhouse this year! Well not you, but a cardboard cutout of you can be there to cheer on the Hawks as they compete in basketball and volleyball! Put on your RU blue and snap your best photo and you will be courtside in no time! 

Purchase your cardboard cutout today for $50 and show off your Hawk pride. All proceeds from sales will benefit Rockhurst University student athletes. 

UPDATE (January 6, 2020): All orders that were completed by January 5 have been submitted for printing and installation. If you still wish to order your fan cutout please do so by Monday, January 25 to be included in the second round of printing.

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Questions? Please contact Brent Blazek at

Questions about Ordering A Cardboard Cutout?

Q: Can I select the specific seat for my cutout?
A: Unfortunately no, cutouts will be placed in a designated area of Mason-Halpin Fieldhouse.

Q: If I order 2+ cutouts can they be seated together?
A: Yes, we will do our best to make sure you are seated with other family members and friends.

Q: Can I order a fan cutout with multiple people in it?
A: No, there needs be one person per photo

Q: Can my pet be a cardboard cutout?
A: Absolutely, they might get a seat next to Rock E. Hawk!

Q: May I get my cutout at the end of the season?
A: Yes, you can arrange a time to come by campus and take your cutout home.

Tips For Taking the Best Photo

  • Dress to impress, wear your best RU blue
  • Have a friend take a photo for you, DO NOT take a selfie
  • Find good lighting and face it, don't let it be behind you
  • Face the camera and capture from your waist up
  • Ask your friend to stand 4 ft away and hold the phone vertically
  • Keep hand gesture within your body width at all times
  • Do not put more than one person in the shot, otherwise we can't print it