ArtOberfest: Film Premiere, "Harper's Tapes" and "Can You See It?"

Saturday, October 29, 2022 - 7:00pm
Arrupe Hall auditorium

The Rockhurst Department of Film Arts presents two short horror films for Halloween weekend, “Harper's Tapes” and “Can You See It?”. “Harper's Tapes” is a film that is about a young woman named Harper who on her 18th birthday receives some old video tapes of her deceased father, whom she has never met. The experience of seeing him move and speak for the first time is jarring enough for young Harper, but what her father tells her about her mother’s dark past sets in motion events that cannot be undone. Or can they? The clock is ticking . . .

“Can You See It?” is a short film that is about a group of friends who gather together on Halloween to celebrate Kay’s birthday. It is all fun and games until a series of ghost stories lead to a shocking discovery about the dark history of the house.  A red carpet event will launch this event at 7pm with refreshments and photograph opportunities with the cast and crew in the lobby—screenings to follow. Register here to reserve a seat.