Film Series Screening with Dept. of Modern Languages: "La Famille Bélier"

Thursday, September 15, 2022 - 7:00pm
Arrupe Hall auditorium

Please join us for a FREE film screening of “The Belier Family” (La Famille Bélier, 2014) written and directed by Éric Lartigau, and hosted by Rockhurst University associate professor of philosophy Robert Vigliotti. The Béliers live and work on a farm; their daughter Paula, the only one who hears, translates regularly for her deaf parents. After her voice is discovered in music class, she must decide whether to appear for the competitive audition for a choir in Paris, or stay home to help her family. Katie Madigan, Ph.D.,  Rockhurst University professor French, Department of Modern Languages, will introduce the film and facilitate a discussion following the screening. You must register in advance to take part in the screening. Please click here to register.