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Social Media Is Your Character Resume

It should be no surprise in 2022 that social media acts as a “character resume” for potential employers.

As many as 90% of workplaces look to predict an employee’s “fit” by checking social media accounts before moving forward with their interview process.

There have been several studies done on how much the ability to interact with other people affects someone’s capability to thrive in a collaborative workplace. In many cases, it greatly outweighs the person’s general qualifications and often serves as an easy tiebreaker among candidates.


Student at grocery store

Grocery Store Tips for Students

For many students, college marks the first time they’re making frequent trips to the grocery store to stock up on things for when the cafeteria (or preferred food stops) are closed. Some consider this a fun part of “adulting,” but it can go south quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Here are some tips for students at the grocery store:

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