Rockhurst Ranked 4th in Missouri for Return on InvestmentMarch 31, 2014

In terms of return on investment, Rockhurst University is near the top of a list of institutions of higher education in Missouri.

That news came recently from, whose annual College Return on Investment (ROI) Report uses income data to rank colleges and universities across the country based on how much their graduates earn back, on average, over the course of 20 years.

Rockhurst University was ranked fourth in the report among colleges and universities in Missouri and was among the top 17 percent overall, ranking 235th out of the 1,330 total schools included on the list. According to, Rockhurst graduates earn a net income — total earnings minus the costs for college and the salary that student would have earned with only a high-school diploma — of $442,000 over 20 years, an annual return on investment of 10 percent.

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