Jesuit Honor Society Welcomes New MembersMay 3, 2013

When it comes to honor societies at a Jesuit college or university, there is none more respected than Alpha Sigma Nu, which is reserved for students who show dedication to scholarship, loyalty to Jesuit ideas and service to others.

ASN is comprised of select students from the top five percent of the class.

“Alpha Sigma Nu is the highest honor given to any student on a Jesuit campus,” Charles Kovich, Ph.D., and  Alpha Sigma Nu faculty adviser said. “Our recent inductees were a particularly active class giving many, many hours of service, one of the highest GPAs we’ve ever had and showing their loyalty to Jesuit ideas with their service to others.”

On Saturday, April 20, 14 more students were inducted to join the ranks of this elite group.

Among those inducted was Hero Balani, ’13, an international student from Belize. Balani said he wasn’t even aware of the society until he was invited to join.

“As an international student, I feel that I am making not only my parents back home proud, but also my country,” he said. “I want to represent Belize well, wherever I go in the world, and I feel that by joining and being accepted into Alpha Sigma Nu, this has helped me represent my country well.”

Joshua Goralski, ’14, another inductee, said he was honored and humbled by the invitation to be a part of the group.

“It is great to be a part of a group of my peers that value scholarship, loyalty and service as much as I do,” Goralski said. “I was not expecting it when I came to Rockhurst, but after seeing some of my peers get inducted last year, it was something that I aspired to be a part of. That evening, I felt so proud of myself and realized how Rockhurst has been such a great fit for me. It is really where God was calling me to go.”

This year's new inductees were: 

Stephanie Amsler, Hero Balani, Shauna Bauml, Tim Brotherton, Amanda Burger, Ashley Driver, Emily Dudenhoeffer, Christopher Duplaga, Robyn Everist, Joshua Goralski, Gerrett Griffin, Paul Hess, Adalaine Holdmeyer, Dannette Jackson, April Jecha, Emily Kopff, Alex Lindererer, Ruthanne McCreary, Kelsey McGurn, Katelyn Menolascino, Grant Monnig, Megan Orr, Kimberly Patterson, Monica Pflug, Melanie Sowadski, Kathleen Sweeney, Erin Weigel, Sarah White, Laura Wililams and Ashley Witte, 

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