International Journalism

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Program Description 

Our ever-changing, fast-paced world depends on well-rounded, experienced journalists with degrees in journalism and mass communication to keep us connected and informed. A degree in international journalism from Rockhurst will launch graduates into a booming, much-needed industry. Rockhurst’s international journalism program prepares the student not only for a challenging and exciting career track, but also for global citizenship: language studies cultivate cultural sensitivity in the student, and the journalism studies program trains one to communicate with those of diverse backgrounds on a variety of issues.

Learning Outcomes 

  • The international journalism program is an interdisciplinary program that combines a major in either French or Spanish with a minor in journalism, making this one of the more unique journalism programs in Missouri and throughout the region
  • Students majoring in international journalism will learn how journalism is practiced in other countries as well as the rights of American journalists in other countries
  • Students will investigate and become familiar with the ethical and legal aspects of the profession

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


  • The Senior Capstone must include an oral presentation as well as a written component, which must be presented in the target language (French or Spanish).


What can you do with a journalism degree?

  • Exceptional students may be recommended for journalism internships, which will give the student experience in journalism in a work setting
  • Graduates from Rockhurst with an international journalism degree will be prepared for high-demand journalism jobs and careers in broadcast journalism, international TV news bureaus, foreign correspondent jobs, bilingual regional newspapers, associated press jobs or radio stations