University Logos

Rockhurst University takes great pride in its brand. The primary logo serves to identify the University in all forms of communication, and consists of three elements, including the circle “R” icon, the “Rockhurst University” wordmark, and the tagline “Where leaders learn.”

This cohesive visual identity creates brand awareness and recognition. With this in mind, we ask all constituents to maintain respect for the University’s brand and use the primary logo on all publications, advertisements, departmental Web pages, stationary and business cards.

The logo options provided are approved for use with the understanding that they will be used appropriately as outlined in the Rockhurst University brand guidelines.

Important guidelines to note:

  • Proportionate resizing is the only acceptable alteration of these images.
  • Do not change or manipulate text or other elements.
  • Do not create color variations.
  • Do not apply graphic elements that could diminish or obscure the appearance of these images.

If you have any questions, contact the Office of University Marketing and Communications at (816) 501-4895 or e-mail We will be happy to assist you.

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