Information Technology Degree

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Program Description 

The world we live in today is powered by technology, connected by the internet, and enhanced by media. An information technology degree from Rockhurst University is a step into one of the most high-demand careers available today. Graduates with an information technology degree work with organizations and businesses to integrate and maintain computer technology. Rockhurst offers one of the few IT programs in Kansas City, providing students with an IT degree that develops the knowledge and expertise to install, customize, and generate applications that fit the organization’s IT needs.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Students pursuing an information technology degree will become knowledgeable in core IT courses, including Multimedia Production, Data Structures, Program Language Design and Implementation, Database Management Systems and Software Engineering
  • An information technology major at Rockhurst will focus on software development, networks, digital media and Web engineering.

Course Map 

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


Because information technology jobs are plentiful and diverse, students seeking an IT degree will complete an internship to meet graduation requirements. This internship will provide a level of real-life experience to the information technology degree while simultaneously building a student’s professional resume.


  • The information technology industry generates more than 25,000 jobs in our region, providing a rich career landscape for Rockhurst IT degree graduates to navigate
  • Jobs for graduates with information technology degrees are expected to see a significant increase in demand throughout the next decade
  • The obvious question: is an information technology degree worth it? The numbers really speak for themselves. The average information technology degree salary continues to be on the rise. In 2016, the median annual wage for those in information technology management was $135,800