Analytics & Insights Certificate – Data Science Track

Already know the basics when it comes to data analytics? Build on your knowledge with our Data Science track certificate. Designed for professionals who are looking to increase their understanding of advanced techniques and tools in data, this certificate can be your next step in providing valuable insights to your organization or stacking as part of your MBA.

Total credit hours: 10

Estimated time to completion: 8 months

Modalities offered: In-person and online classes (Can be completed fully online)

Ideal candidate: Analytical professional with a background in analytics who wants to perfect their advanced analytics. This is a highly technical certificate.

Learning goals: Data Science is best for students who have some analytical knowledge but want to advance their skills in advanced analytics, including machine learning and text mining.

Program requirements

Required coursework:

  • BIA 6301, Applied Data Mining (2)
  • BIA 6303, Predictive Models (2)
  • BIA 6304, Text Mining (2)
  • BIA 6305, Big Data Analytics (2)

Select one elective:

  • BIA 6300, Business Intelligence (2)
  • BIA 6302, Data Visualization (2)
  • BIA 6315, Forecasting and Time Series Econometrics (2)
  • BIA 6201, Statistics and Machine Learning (2)
  • BIA 6310, Social Justice and Responsibility in Analytics (2)

Prospective outcomes: Business analyst, data analyst, management