Education Bachelor's Degree Program Options

Mandi Sonnenberg teaches class.

Program Description 

Rockhurst University's bachelor's education degree programs prepare future professionals to be knowledgeable and proficient teachers and leaders in their chosen educational field.

We offer majors in elementary, middle, secondary, and special education at our Kansas City, Missouri, campus, leading to initial teacher certification. Each education major prepares students to critically examine diverse philosophies and institutional arrangements.

All students majoring in education will automatically receive our annual $1,000 Education Majors Scholarship.

Learning Outcomes 

School of Education students have the opportunity to engage in distinct field experiences throughout their time at Rockhurst as they become masters in their field. Upon graduation, Rockhurst Education alumni serve their respective communities as reflective and innovative educators.


Elementary Education Major

A bachelor's degree in elementary education prepares students to teach in grades 1-6.

Secondary Education Major

Secondary school certification will equip students to teach in grades 9-12. French or Spanish certification prepares them to teach in grades K-12. Students will double-major in education and one of the following content areas:

  • Biology

  • Business

  • Chemistry

  • English

  • French (K-12)

  • Mathematics

  • Physics

  • Social science

  • Spanish (K-12)

Special Education Major

A bachelor’s degree in special education trains future teachers for a career educating students in grades K-12. Special education is an expanding field and Rockhurst prepares its students to work with those who have mild-moderate/cross-categorical disabilities.

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


Throughout their time at Rockhurst, education students will build a portfolio to showcase their development in educational theory, research and practice. This process measures skills, allows students to reflect on what they’ve learned and, of course, show off what they have learned. The student’s journey to becoming a teacher or educational leader concludes with a capstone project prior to graduation.


Rockhurst University believes in developing educational leaders — teachers actively engaged in educational matters as reflective practitioners. Through demanding coursework and diverse field experiences, students acquire a deep understanding of, and special sensitivity to, the challenges and rewards of teaching in K-12 schools.